Welcome !

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’ll use this place to write on a weekly basis about anything that I might find ineresting. It can be Metal, Rock And Roll, sports, movies, literature, traveling or something that I might be feeling at the moment.

For my first post I wanna say how happy I was to come back to New Orleans to spend my New Year’s eve there. I’ve been to N’Awlins 7 times now, but this was the first one post-Katrina. It’s amazing how the city recovered and its thriving. Talking to the locals they say the city is better than ever and you can feel it. It was great to be at Snug Harbor again (great burger, wonderful atmosphere and a killer Alan Toussaint concert), experience the improved D-Day (now WWII) museum, eat at Couchon for the first time and watch the New Year’s fireworks display from the Mississippi river on board the Creole Queen.

And of course, there were sports. It was great to watch the Saints at the Dome beating Tampa Bay (despite what happened 2 weeks later in Seattle). As a 20 years Saints fan ( ever since the very first time I went to New Orleans in ’93), it was very emotional to finally watch the franchise in a good phase and witness Drew Brees and Sean Payton in the flesh (also despite the fact that a lot of local fans are questioning them by now) and visiting the beautiful Hall Of Fame. Next day it was also fantastic to go to the New Orleans Arena (beside the Super Dome) and catch the Pelicans facing the Trail Blazers. Wonderful game. Pelicans won 110 to 108. And there was the Sugar Bowl on January 2nd between Alabama Crimson Tide and Oklahoma Sooners. The atmosphere in the city was electric as always with this event. And it turned out to be historical since the Sooners pull up a great upset.

Anyway, a lot of fun all around. The only thing missing in New Orleans right now is a good record store. Peaches and Skullys are OK and Louisiana Music Factory improved tenfold but nothing like the much missed Magic Bus. However if you’re into vinyl, look no further than Euclid Records. That’s the place for you. Still, I managed to buy new albums from Kylesa and Watain, the debut from Tombs, Voivod’s Angel Rat, best ofs from J.Geils Band, Rezillos, Stray Cats and John Hiatt, T.Rex’s The Slider among other things and new live DVDs from Sabbath and Rush. I also bought two William Faulkner books.

Finishing this first post I wanna say my picks for the Conference finals on Sunday: Seahawks take the NFC and Broncos the AFC. Although I think it will be very hard fought games and these are only guesses. Should be fun to watch. See you next week!



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