Grammy Awards 2014

Hello everybody ! Last night I watched some parts of the Grammy Awards. It’s been about more than 20 years since I had last watched even one minute of it and actually, it was not that bad. It was maybe the most interesting Grammy’s in a long time. I mean, of couse I only watched the parts that interested me, namely Paul McCartney, Ringo and Metallica. But, although I think Daft Punk is very boring I could actually enjoy them playing alongside Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers.

Anyway, the obvious highlights were: Paul and Ringo sharing a stage after a long time (unfortunately they played a Paul tune and not a Beatles tune, but it doesn’t matter), Black Sabbath announcing the Ringo Starr Band, the Ringo Starr Band playing the wonderful “Photograph” with Steve Lukather and Peter Framptom on guitars and backing vocals and Greg Phillingaines on keyborads and Metallica playing “One” with that crazy Japanese pianist.

On a more personal note, I was extremely happy to see Steve Lukather, Greg Phillingaines and Leland Sklar (who played bass when Willie Nelson and Kris Kristoferson were on stage), playing at the Grammy’s as I had the huge honor of interviewing them all together when they were in Toto.

And finally, the day has come. February 2nd is Super Bowl sunday. I’m picking the Seahwaks to win it. I know Payton Manning is great, but I still think the Broncos’ attack was not tested yet against a great defense. And that’s what Seattle has, a great defense. Anyway, it should be fun to watch and it promises to be a fantastic game.

And the last thing this time is somnething that I’ll start doing every week: I’ll post here what I’ve been listening, reading and watching the week before the post. So here’s this week choices:

Listening: The Beatles – BBC 2, Kylesa – Ultraviolet, Watain – The Wild Hunt, Tombs – Tombs, Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair

Reading: Sanctuary – William Faulkner, The Real Frank Zappa Book – Frank Zappa w/ Peter Occhiogrosso

Watching: Rush – Clockwork Angels Tour (DVD)

See you all next week.


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