Super Bowl XVLIII

Everybody thought the Super Bowl yesterday would be one of the greatest in history. One of the greatest quarterbacks in history, with the most positive attack in history against the greatest defense of the season. I wrote it last week that it should be a very entertaining game AND Seattle should won.

Well, Seattle won indeed but it was hardly an entertaining game. That the greatest defense will overcome the greatets attack in the Super Bowl is natural (it was the fourth time out of five), but nobody could expect such a beating. Peyton Manning is brilliant but losing two Super Bowls out of three will hang about his neck forever like an albatross.

Now, I must admit the only time I switched the channel was at the half-time show. We already had Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Stevie Wonder… Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Really? I mean Black Eyed Peas and Beyoncé are not exactly my cup of tea (I’m metalhead for chrissake! With an eclectic taste, but a metalhead anyway ) but at least Fergie and Beyoncé are hot and they can sing.

Anyway, “America The Beautiful” was great with a slim Queen Latifah and “Star Spangled Banner” was wonderful with Renée Fleming.

The NFL season as a whole was fantastic and next season promises to be even better. I can barely wait for the next seven months to go by. However, we still have: March Madness, NBA, NHL and the begining of the baseball season. So for us sports fans, the plate still pretty full.

I’ll start to update the blog three times a week begining today so stay tuned!

Reading: Requiem For A Nun – William Faulkner, Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, curses, legends and eerie events – Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon

Listening: Rascal Flats – Melt, Stray Cats – Rock This Town: The Very Best Of The Stray Cats, Voivod – Angel Rat (you see, I told you: I’m a metalhead with an eclectic taste!)

Watching: Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns (10 DVD set documentary)

Super Bowl


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