NBA All-Star Game and Tom Cruise

Yesterday I started to watch the NBA All-Star Game but I couldn’t pass the first half. It’s really not an interesting game and players only start playing for real in the last quarter IF the game is still on the line or if it is tied. Blake Griffin dunks were pretty cool, though.

Another boring thing was the never ending opening ceremony with a rap concert that seemed to stretch for ages. The only cool thing about the opening ceremony was Gary Clark Jr.’s version of Star Spangled Banner.

Anyway, I only started the post talking about that because after giving up watching the All-Star Game, I came across a Tom Cruise movie called Jack Reacher. My uncle had told me about the movie the other day and as I really trust my uncle’s opinions on movies, I decided to check it out.

And was I in for a treat or what? An exhilarating action flick, with a very well-thought story and great performances by Tom himself, Rosamund Pike (who is British, but you wouldn’t say because she doesn’t have one iota of accent. By the way, she was great as a Bond girl on Die Another Day, but she is much more beautiful this time) and a small but perfect (as usual) cameo by Robert Duvall.

After I finished watching the movie, I started thinking about all movies Tom Cruise acted I watched and liked a lot, and there was a lot! Let’s see: Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, Mission:Impossible, The Firm, Mission:Impopssible 2, Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol, A Few Good Men, Interview With The Vampire, Eyes Wide Shut, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, Collateral, War Of The Worlds, Lions For Lambs, Valkyrie and now Jack Reacher.

If I count correctly, there are sixteen movies! It’s a lot. When I was very young in the late eighties and early nineties, I used to think he was famous just because ALL the girls thought he was gorgeous, but then I started to see his movies and you gotta hand it to the guy: there’s a real talent in there. But amazingly, I just realized that I loved this many films he is in yesterday.

He definitely entered my Top 50 Idols of all time, which is a subject I’ll definitely explore some other times (note the plural) in the blog.

Listening: Rezillos – Can’t Stand The Rezillos: The Almost Complete Rezillos

Syron Vanes – Evil Redux

The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St. (Deluxe Edition)

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