San Diego & Denver

A big “hello!” to you all out there, the blog is BACK!

And once again I was lucky to have made a wonderful trip, one of the best of my life, dare I say.

It was my second time in San Diego and the city surprised me. Not that that I had not liked the first time, but in the 7 years since I was there the city looked improved. It’s more beautiful, cleaner and with more great options for food, beer or just hanging out.

The Balboa Park is something else. Not only is a wonderful place to hang out, you also got great museums and an all around friendly and secure atmosphere. Not to mention the San Diego Zoo, easily one of the best in the world. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you can walk about the place for 4 hours and don’t even notice.

Another highlight of this part of the trip was the opportunity to visit two places in the outskirts of town: La Jolla and Carlsbad. La Jolla is such a wonderful place where you can watch the seals (loads of them) and have lunch looking at the most beautiful sea. Besides there’s a plus for all of us Glam Metal fans: it is the birthplace of Ratt!

Carlsbad is another wonderful place. The beach is beautiful and everywhere you go it just oozes tranquility. And it’s just amazing that a place so small houses two used bookstores and one brewery (with a delicious beer, by the way).

Denver has been in my Top 5 American cities for a while now. It was my third time over there and once again it was a blast. Just the sight of the Rocky Mountains when you are walking down the street is worth the trip.

Besides you have great bookstores (Tattered Cover, Barnes and Noble) and three very good record stores (Twist and Shout, Wax Trax and Angelo’s). The art museum is wonderful (and there is always a special exposition going on) and the people are super-friendly.

If you want to go somewhere else, for 5 dollars and a 45 minute bus ride, you can get to Boulder where the Colorado University is located. It’s a marvelous place at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Wonderful restaurants, brewpubs, two great bookstores and one of the most amazing liquor stores I ever saw.

When John Denver was placed in the PMRC list of music that was corrupting American youth with his classic “Rocky Mountain High”, he said that it had nothing to do with smoking dope, but it was about gazing at the sky while at the Rocky Mountains. And if you ever go to Denver/Boulder you’ll see that he was right.

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