Metallica: Always on top


Saturday I had the chance of once again watching another Metallica concert. And, as usual, it was a blast. Metallica is a band on the top of their game and their last shows over the last four years have been consistently nothing less than flabbergasting.

It was my eighth Metallica concert in four years and I don’t regret any single one of them. Metallica’s energy, their charisma and of course, the songs make all their performances worth checking out. Say what you will, but Metallica has written well over a dozen of songs that are immortalized in the pantheon of Metal.

And it’s really nice to see how they manage to innovate all the time. This tour for example had its set-list chosen by the fans, which would be awesome if only REAL FANS were allowed to vote. Because the way it was, casual fans chose only songs that the band had played a zillion times (with the possible exception of “…And Justice For All”) and the real fans were left behind. REAL FANS wanted “Frayed Ends Of Sanity” never executed live before, for example.

Anyway, although all of this is true, you can’t argue with a set-list with all the classics. The only regretful thing was the heavy rain that messed up the pyro. As soon as James Hetfield noticed that the pyro was malfunctioning in the beginning of “Fuel”, he ordered it to be shut down. It’s understandable, given that James was already burned by pyro once in a concert.

They also played a new song “Lords of Summer” that I personally loved. If the new album is in this vein, I think it has all the possibilities of a better album than “Death Magnetic.”

As a last point, I want to say something: I think Metallica deserves eve more recognition than they already I got. I do think they deserve a place of honor in Rock history. Of course, below The Beatles (like every band that ever existed), but to me they sit alongside bands like Zeppelin, Sabbath, Purple, Who, Queen and many others, with ease. Plus, we still don’t know what Metallica’s legacy will be. Can you imagine how much the legend will still grow in about 30 years?

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