Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final Four


With March Madness coming to its final stages, I thought it would be cool to try to do some bracketology until the Final Four. So here we go:

Game 1: Florida vs. UCLA:  this one should be a great battle, but my guess is that Florida will advance because they have been the most consistent team.

Game 2: Dayton vs. Stanford: this is the most surprising of all games. Who would’ve thought that Dayton would defeat Syracuse (which was the number 1 team in the country for such a long time) and Stanford would defeat such a traditional and powerful program as Kansas? Tough choice, but I’m going Dayton on this one.

Game 3: Arizona vs. San Diego State: although I have a huge sympathy for San Diego State because I was recently there, I don’t think they can match with Arizona. The Wildcats go through.

Game 4: Baylor vs. Wisconsin: I gotta be honest and say that I didn’t watch that many Wisconsin games. However, Baylor got Isaiah Austin at center and Brady Heslip at guard, so I think the Bears will win.

Game 5: Virginia vs. Michigan State:  This one is a pity. Of all the teams I saw playing, those two impressed me the most. It would be a great final or at least a great Final Four game. Virginia’s defense borders on unbelievable, so I’ll give this one to the Cavaliers.

Game 6: Iowa State vs. Connecticut: With all due respect to Connecticut, after the way Iowa State defeated the always favorite North Carolina, they won’t stop here. Cyclones win.

Game 7: Kentucky vs. Louisville: Now that’s what I call a “Kentucky Derby”! This one is really though especially due to the great rivalry involved. Louisville is the reigning champions and they got Rick Pitino, a guy that knows the way to a championship. But Kentucky had a huge boost of excitement after beating Wichita State (that went undefeated for 35 games). Very tough call, but I think Kentucky wins.

Game 8: Tennessee vs. Michigan: Tennessee has a great game inside the paint and they’ve been building momentum over the last games. Michigan got a brilliant guard in Nik Stauskas. Another tough call, but I’m sticking with the Wolverines.

Therefore, our Elite 8 would have: Florida, Dayton, Arizona, Baylor, Virginia, Iowa State, Kentucky and Michigan.

The duels would be:

Florida vs. Dayton: Dayton is the Cinderella story in this year’s tournament but they are no match to Florida. The Gators advance easily.

Arizona vs. Baylor: Interesting game. My feeling is that Arizona wins because they have a better teamwork and play tougher. But it should be great to watch.

Virginia vs. Iowa State: Same as the Florida game. Iowa State already did too much. I predict a swapping victory for the Cavaliers.

Kentucky vs. Michigan: Of all the games I’m predicting here, this is probably the toughest of all. Both schools are traditional and have great programs. Kentucky’s defense is a little better so I’m going with the Wildcats.

Here’s our Final Four: Florida vs. Arizona and Virginia vs. Kentucky

Next Wednesday, we’ll see how my choices turned out and predict what can happen in the real Final Four.

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