Connecticut vs. Kentucky


As I promised, I’m only talking about the Final game of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament a few hours before it begins.

And what do you know? I got the NCAA final game completely wrong! In my opinion Florida and Wisconsin would both win their games and they lost it.

And Florida not only lost it, they were dominated by Connecticut and Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright. Napier is an NBA ready player and the difference a guy this talented makes is amazing.

Kentucky managed to stop Frank Kaminski and although a much tougher game than Florida and Connecticut, this proved to be fatal to the Badgers. But I’m very surprised that the Wildcats managed to get this far. They are such a young team (the vast majority of their players are rookies) but they are fearless and they show a lot of confidence. It reminds me of that FAB 5 team from Michigan, but with a less confrontational attitude, obviously.

Anyway, let’s talk about the game tonight. First of all, it should be a wonderful and contested game. If logic prevails, it must be decided on the last seconds of the second half.

And talking about logic, it would only be natural for this Kentucky team to feel the pressure. As I said, they are mostly rookies. And this supposed pressure coupled with the talents of Napier and Boatright can lead the Huskies to a win. That’s why I’m picking UConn to take the title. However, I was wrong with the outcome of both semis so there’s fair chance that I’m wrong again.

NCAA Men’s basketball tournament was once again full of surprises and upsets and that’s what makes March Madness, well, madness.

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The Devil’s Blood – Tabula rasa or Death and The Seven Pillars

Purson – The Circle and The Blue Door

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