It’s not working


I’m pretty sure that by now I already pissed you all writing every time about the Final Four games. Therefore, now I’ll just say that at least I got the winner right (UConn) and that Shabazz Napier proved that he really is an NBA ready player, commanding his teammates to victory in all the games and especially in the final. Oh, and kudos to the Huskies women team that beat Notre Dame easily yesterday and took the NCAAW trophy home as well.

However, I must address the riots that happened at both Connecticut and Kentucky campus afterwards. What the heck is wrong with everybody? And I do mean everybody because this is a global level problem. If you don’t believe me just check out what happened in Vancouver (CAN) when they lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins in 2011 or what happens every time in Barcelona when their soccer team wins. These are just two examples, I could go on and on writing about Brazil, England, Italy, everywhere. We all know that alcohol plays a big part in all that, but really?

In my opinion those episodes prove that humanity is just not working. I mean, why do people leave their homes to go somewhere, watch a sports game (whichever it is) and then start breaking glasses, flipping cars and setting fire to stuff? Remember, this kind of things happen most often in the cities from where the team WON the game.  That to me is the undisputed evidence that the human social experience is one big failure!

When guesting on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” once Robert De Niro said that “if there is a God, He had a lot of explaining to do”. I think the statement is brilliant and I do believe there is a God who is probably scratching His head now and thinking: a) “What went wrong?” and b) “What can I do to fix it?”

I honestly don’t know the answer to the first question, but I sure know the answer to the second: destroy it! How about a meteor, like the dinosaurs? Just blow everything away and start over. It would be painless. Nobody would notice what hit them and we would all live together somewhere else (Heaven, Eden, maybe Hell, whatever you wanna call it).

Or how about giving apes a chance? Just like on “Rise of the planet of the Apes”. I remember jumping up and down with joy in my seat in the theater when watching it. Human beings had their chance and they blew it. Now it’s time for the apes.

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