NBA & NHL Conference Finals



And then there were four. The hockey and basketball nations were at full throttle this last weekend, as the Conference finals of both leagues are under way.  It’s the last step before the Stanley Cup for those who play on ice and the last step before The Finals for those who play on the court.

In hockey as in basketball, one team has the chance to win back-to-back championships, although I think in basketball this chance is a little smaller. Anyway, this is a great time of the year and I’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


Eastern Conference – Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat

I thought Indiana troubles in the locker room would prevent them from even overcoming Washington, but I was totally wrong. They rallied to beat Washington and are now one game to nil in the finals. However, you can’t rule out Miami, a very experienced team with arguably the greatest player in the world today in LeBron James. It’s a tough call, but I think Indiana game inside the paint will prevail. Indiana 4-3.

Western Conference – San Antonio vs. Oklahoma City Thunder.

As I said before, I’m totally biased when it comes to San Antonio. I love the city and adopted them as my team in the NBA after my visits there. However, Kevin Durant is currently my favorite player in the league. I thought the Thunder would lose to the Clippers but KD stepped up and just decided the series (referees mistakes notwithstanding). If Tony Parker is not healthy, then the Spurs are in trouble. My guess is that maybe the coaches can have an important role in this and Greg Popovich is a way much better coach then Scott Brooks. It’s tough, but Spurs 4-3.


Eastern Conference – Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers

This is a rematch of goalies from the Olympic finals. Henrik Lundqvist was the goaltender for Sweden and Carey Price goaltended for Canada. In Sochi, Price prevailed but here I don’t think he will. After a 7 to 2 massacre in the first game, I think it’s really hard for the Canadiens to come back. Besides, NY is with their spirits high because they were huge underdogs in the series before against the Penguins. NY 4-1.

Western Conference – Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings

Yes, the Kings had a huge come from behind series against the Sharks and also beat the favorites Anaheim Ducks. But make no mistake, Chicago is the best team in the league for the second year in a row and are already up 1-0. After the team woke up in the series against the Blues, I don’t think anybody can stop them. To me the Hawks will get their back to back Stanley Cup title, so here they will prevail with a little bit of tranquility. Chicago 4-2.

Now, let’s grab a cold one (or many) and enjoy!

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