Back FROM the New York Groove


It’s no secret for those who know me that I’m not head over heels for New York. Everywhere is crowded and you keep bumping into tourists who walk like zombies without the slightest idea of where they are. Although I still have the same impression about Times Square (probably one of the most boring places in the world) my view of New York as a whole changed significantly this time around.

First of all you don’t need to pass by Times Square everytime. There’s a lot of ways around it. Second, to deny that New York is the cultural center of the world is stupid, and I’m a lot of things but I’m not stupid. Third: walking down 5th Avenue, walking down Central Park West (with the obligatory stop at the Dakota Building), going to a Mets game, go to the MET, buying books at Strand, eating at any of those amazing restaurants and watching a great Broadway play are just some of the great things you can do in the Big Apple and feel extremely fulfilled.

However, my judgment may be a little biased due to the amazing time I had at the BEA. Book Expo America was a great experience, not only the actual expo which is HUGE, but getting to know and chat with people from SBPRA (our CEO Robert Fletcher, Kait and Shaina) and fellow writers.

Robert lead us on a very interesting tour through all the expo, explaining how every little thing works regarding business, e-books, independent publishing, new ways of marketing, etc. It was really educational.

Afterwards, there was a “Books & Booze” (what a great title) Happy Hour at the Houndstooth Pub, sponsored by SBPRA where we could chat about a lot of things and discover that at our core we are all the same people with the same goals in life and maybe have a little faith in the seemingly gloom future of mankind.

All in all, the BEA made me like NYC much more than the first time around and provided me with an experience I will never forget and will treasure it for the rest of my life. Hopefully we can all meet again next year!

And that’s me and Shaina at the Happy Hour with a copy of my book!

BEA - Books & Booze

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