Grand Hotel

Some of you might think that I’ll write a whole post about a Procol Harum’s classic album, but actually I won’t. Although I love the Englishmen record, I just used its title to talk about something I dearly love: hotels.

I’ve been very lucky to able to travel a lot, therefore I already stayed in many hotels and from the most sophisticated 5 stars to the most simple B&B, I actually liked them all.

Actually, to me personally, hotels are indeed a big part of traveling. And I just love the whole vibe of simply being in a hotel. I like just sitting in the reception couches and looking at the decoration, I like the beds, the vending machines, the shower, the bath and the view from your room’s window (even when there isn’t one).

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been to a really fancy hotel like The Plaza, The Ritz or The Waldorf Astoria, but I’ve been inside The Fairmount in San Francisco 20 years ago (when I went with my parents to watch Jazz/Blues singer Ernestine Anderson sing in their bar) and I remember stepping on the carpet in the lobby and watching my foot disappear, so fluffy it was.

But I have been to some wonderful hotels indeed. My favorite is probably the Wyndham (now Westin) at Canal Street in New Orleans. It is located above a very fancy mall (The Shops At Canal Place), so its lobby is not on the ground floor. Therefore to get to the lobby you must take an elevator. When the elevator opens its doors and you enter the lobby, you’re in front of a huge window and a wonderful vision of the Mississippi river and Decatur Street. And the lobby itself is so beautiful, full of couches, armchairs, plants and even a piano.

Another one I really like is the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta. It has huge, huge, ceiling and it is so classy. Incidentally, Hyatt Hotels are always classy and with huge ceilings. Those in San Diego and Kansas City that I’ve been also have these very same characteristics.

Back in Europe I remember when I used to work for a Rock/Metal magazine and a German friend of ours arranged for us to stay at this rather fancy Marriott in Hanover (with a wonderful discount ), after we covered a Metal festival in Hamburg. Not only the hotel was beautiful, it was in the margins of an exquisite lake.

However, as I said before, I can also enjoy very simple places. Once in Sweden I stayed in a rather nice B&B. It was simple, but it was clean, comfortable and cheap (always an advantage when traveling in Scandinavia).

All in all, everytime I travel, I’m always looking forward to the hotel I’m staying because in one way or another it is your home away from home.

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