Amazon women on the moon


This movie is part of some of my fondest memories as a very young kid. I remember watching it at least four times around that time and laughing my ass off, each and every one of them.

For those of you who don’t have the privilege of watching one of the greatest comedy masterpieces of our time, the “plot” is rather simple: following in the heels of the also wonderful “Kentucky Fried Movie”, these are a series of 21 absurd comedy sketches presented as some kind of “special presentations” while the actual movie, “Amazon women on the moon”, is tentatively being played late at night on TV. The tape is so old that it keeps stopping and every time it comes back the movie is in another part. I know that describing like this seems just nonsense, but when you watch it is rather hilarious.

First, the movie is bizarre. A kind of 1950s science-fiction flick where a spaceship from Earth gets to the moon and finds out… yes, that it is inhabited by amazon women.

However, the sketches are where the real fun is. The first one featuring Arsenio Hall is just hilarious. Without uttering a single word, Arsenio comes home and everything start going wrong for him, until he finally falls through his window and dies on the sidewalk. The part of the tape coming from inside the VCR and hitting him in his forehead is worth the whole movie alone.

There are also some cameos from rather famous artists. Michelle Pfeiffer stars in one sketch where the doctor loses his newborn baby. It wouldn’t be that funny if he didn’t try to convince her that the baby is first Mr. Potato Head and then his own pinky finger. And in the end he finds the baby in the trash can!

There’s also the son of the invisible man. A black and white sketch where the son of the supposed invisible man thinks he found the formula to be invisible and go to a bar to annoy people. However, he is naked. He gets to the bar and start messing with people’s dart and checker games. The funniest thing are the faces of the people not even outraged that he’s naked, just plain bored because it seems that he does that often.

And of course, the star of the movie: the Harvey Pitnik funeral. Pitnik died in front of his TV set and his funeral becomes a comedy hit show in town. Just like the rest of the movie, it really doesn’t seem that funny reading about it, you must watch it.

And there are still: the museum sale, Believe it or not, Blacks without Soul, Ray and the box of condoms story (featuring Kelly Preston). It’s brilliant.

I remember one time after a few years without watching it that I went to my local video store to rent it again. I couldn’t find it so I asked the lady behind the counter if they still have it. She asked for my associate card went to the back to check. When she came back, she said: “Well, we still have it. But this movie was rented last time three years ago, by you!” That’s a cult movie for you.

I recently solved this problem, buying a copy for me at Newbury Comics in Boston.

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