Rock Chain #7: All The Young Dudes


Mott the Hoople’s Ian Hunter is the voice that introduces his own band song, “The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll” in Def Leppard’s cover album Yeah!. It’s no secret the Leps lead singer Joe Elliott’s favorite band is Mott.

Joe Elliott had to pull out of producing the new album from Black Star Riders, due to other commitments.

Black Star Riders are now on their second album. Not bad for a band that started only to be a vehicle for playing Thin Lizzy songs.

Thin Lizzy who were once supported on tour by the great Huey Lewis and The News of “The Power Of Love” fame, the theme song for the ultra-classic “Back To The Future”.

Of course, “Back To The Future” star is Michael J. Fox who, not many people know, got to audition as a bass player for Canadian Hard Rock band, Helix, in the very beginning of their career.

Helix had also an important landmark in their career: it was the last band ever to play with Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan as lead singer.

Ian Gillan was a classmate of  The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend when he was in Grammar School.

Pete Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey the sole remaining members of The Who just announced that their next tour, celebrating the band’s fifth anniversary, might be their last. They are even considering a new album, the first since Endless Wire from 2006.

Endless Wire drummer (an extremely delicate position when it comes to The Who) was Zach Starkey, son of the former Beatle, Ringo Starr.

Ringo is always underappreciated when it comes to his drumming, but he is quoted as a huge influence by guys like Abe Laboriel Jr. and the late, great, Eric Carr.

Eric Carr was the last Kiss drummer to have a make-up of his own. He wore The Fox make-up before they clean up their faces on Lick It Up in 1983.   

Lick It Up was also the only official Kiss album with guitarist Vinnie Vincent. He was replaced by Mark St. John who in turn was replaced by Bruce Kulick.

Bruce Kulick also had a shot-lived project with John Corabi, the singer that replaced Vince Neil in Mötley Crüe.

Vince Neil whose last solo album Tattoos and Tequila had basically covers on its tracklist.

Speaking of covers on the tracklist, Heart’s Ann Wilson solo album was also like that.

Ann Wilson was married just once in her life, with Heart’s drummer Michael Derosier. However, do you know with whom she had an affair afterwards? Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter.

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