MLB League Championship Series


Although I was rather pissed with the downpour in Kansas City yesterday that postponed Game 3 of the ALCS  between the Royals and the Orioles, there’s at least one good thing about it: I can make up for the lost time in commenting this series. And I’ll obviously take the opportunity to also comment on the NLCS.

There’s one constant characteristic about the playoffs this year: there’s never a dull game. All games have been hard fought, thrilling, full of big plays and teams changing leads till the last inning.

And there’s also another thing that is very clear: the ALCS is battle between two attacks that work differently. The Royals is very small ball based (although all of a sudden they started hitting out of the park like there was no tomorrow) and the Orioles are more power-hitters based (and that’s where Manny Machado absence is greatly felt). In the NLCS on the other hand we are seeing a great battle of pitchers and bullpens.

Thus, let’s detail each battle a little more.

ALCS – Kansas City Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles

Now, the first thing that deserves to be said is: how cool it is to watch this Royals team play? They fought till the last out, they never quit. This team has a heart the size of the wonderful Spanish Plaza and the spirit of all those old Jazz musicians that used to hang out at the Hey Hey Club.

The Royals have not trailed in any inning of this series and I can only imagine the excitement that must be hovering over Kansas City today, as Kauffman Stadium receives an ALCS game for the first time in 29 years.

Today’s battle will put left-hander Wei-Yin Chen for the Orioles against right-hander Jeremy Guthrie for the Royals. It will be fun to watch, probably another great game, but I’m picking another Royals win. As a matter of fact, as I already wrote in my other post about the playoffs, I think the Royals will play their first World Series since 1985.

NLCS – San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals

This is not only a battle of pitchers and bullpens this is also a battle in Heaven (two saint-named cities, right? Yes, I know, that was terrible, but I couldn’t help it). Anyway, my guess is that this series is a little trickier.

The Cardinals are energized after that epic victory on game two, but they come to San Francisco with a huge doubt: what if Molina cannot play? Tony Cruz and A.J. have the confidence of Matheny, but Molina is a six-time golden glove winner and a natural leader. However, with Lackey at his best, they might be able to overcome such problems.

As for the Giants, Tim Hudson is good but his numbers in the postseason not so much. However, San Francisco greatest concern is in the offense. They have only two homers in the postseason so far (against the Pirates and the Nationals) and they’ll need an improvement to beat the Cards.

All in all, I’m predicting another great game and I do think we gonna see a Game 7 in this series.

And I’m not changing my choice in this series as well: Cards win in seven and we’ll have a World Series just like 1985, which I’m dubbing the “Show Me” Series.

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