2014 World Series

World Series

And here we are again. It’s World Series time. If that wasn’t reason enough for much joy, this time there’s one ingredient that makes it really special: the Kansas City Royals are back in it after 29 years.

It’s not that the Giants presence isn’t also cool (after all, ever since 2010 they play in the World Series every two years. And they won the last two they were in), but for KC is something more than special. I mean, is a rather small market where they are passionate about the team. I had the chance to go to KC 14 years ago and coincidentally it was opening day of the season. It was lovely to see all the fountains in the city (and there are plenty of them) spurting royal blue water to celebrate the occasion.

As a matter of fact, the Royals already made history with their sweeping of the Angels and then the Orioles, coming from a Wild Card game. If you add to that their last three games in the 1985 Postseason, you have an 11 game winning streak in the playoffs, the second longest in Major League history.

And this series presents a rather interesting characteristic: both teams came from Wild Card games and both got to the World Series reversing the home field advantage of their opponents. Therefore, I don’t think the fact that said advantage is KC’s will matter that much, despite the fact that teams who had it won 8 out of the last 11.

In this season Interleague Play, the Royals swept the Giants at Kaufmann Stadium, but it’s pretty obvious that three games in August are not the World Series.

All in all, the potential for this series to go to seven games is enormous. Both teams have great pitching (I’m predicting a hard fought bullpen battle every game) and if the Giants have more World Series experience, this Kansas City team fight until the last drop. They never give up and they always give 100%.

And are the Giants going to be the team that just started hitting homers again in their last game against the Cardinals? And how about the Royals? Are they going to keep hitting home-runs as it has been in the playoffs or are they going to return to their numbers from the regular season?

All of this adds up for a great Fall Classic that once again will be crime to miss. I’ cant barely wait for tonight.

I’ve been terrible with my picks lately (although I was right about the Royals getting to the World Series) but I’m gonna take a guess: Royals in 7.

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