Live Review: Behemoth – 11/08/14

It’s no secret to anyone within the Heavy Metal realm that Poland became a rather interesting place. They already had a great tradition ever since bands like Vader came into the scene, but lately the wonderful label Metal Mind has been releasing some great stuff:  Alcatrazz back catalog, Artillery box-set, Blind Fury remastered, Tank DVD and latest album, the list goes on. And the country is so Metal right now that Master bassist, vocalist and leader, Paul Speckmann, decided to live there.

Therefore, when the opportunity of watching the heirs to Vader’s Polish Metal Throne, Behemoth, came up, I thought it would be a good idea to check them out. And thankfully it was Saturday night, because I don’t have patience or stamina to watch concerts during the week or on Sundays anymore, with very few exceptions.

The place was packed but not “I can’t move” packed. It was a rather good turnout, but it was possible to walk and go to the bar or the bathroom whenever it pleased you. The concert was scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM due to house politics so about five minutes before the scheduled hour everybody was anxious for the start of the celebration.

Yes, a Behemoth concert is a celebration; a celebration of evil, Satan, blasphemy and, above all, Metal, but a celebration nonetheless.

After the intro, the band came into the scene with Nergal spotting torches on both hands and they launched into Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel from their latest album, “The Satanist”. They followed it with Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer from the same album and Conquer All from “Demigod”.

Although you could feel the heaviness, the sound was not perfect. The guitars were a little low in the mix. However, the drums were perfect and “Inferno” hitting was an assault right on your chest.

Nergal is still very thin due to his recent battle with leukemia, but it’s clear that he is 100% healed, running around the stage and commanding the crowd like a possessed man.

Then it was time to return to 1999 and the album “Satanica” with Decade of Therion. The crowd was responding great, which clearly fueled the band on stage.

The concert went on with As Above So Below, Slaves Shall Serve and the highlight of the evening: Christians to the Lions, which had its chorus sung in unison by the crowd.

They returned to the most recent album with the title-track, following it with Ov Fire and The Void, Furor Divinus and the Polish song, Ludzie Wschodu.

They ended the first part of the show with Alas, Lord is Upon Me, At The Left Hand ov God (this one from my favorite album, “The Apostasy”) and Chant For Echaton 2000.

At the encore, something different: they closed the show with a song from the new album, O Father O Satan O Sun. But the visual on stage for that was quite frightening: the whole band was wearing huge horns and that coupled with a lot of smoke and some clever lightning, passed the impression of four actual demons playing on stage. A fitting end for a diabolical concert!

Current playlist:


Goatwhore – Constricting Age of the Merciless

Accept – Blind Rage

Yes – Heaven & Earth


Godzilla (2014)

Thomas Jefferson: A Film by Ken Burns


The Wolves of Midwinter – Anne Rice

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