The Bus

Looking out the window to the long road stretching ahead of us my mind wanders and I wonder about the lives of everybody in here. Isn’t something kind of fascinating that for a certain amount of time we are all in the same small place, sharing this every day journey?

There is the shy boy wearing thick glasses, carrying what is probably a laptop in his bag, reading a Faulkner book on his kindle. He is wearing his university jacket, a polo blue shirt, sweatpants and old brown shoes. He is on his way to the university where I imagine he is an exemplar student.

Sitting on his wheelchair in the reserved place is a poor, homeless and handicapped man. He was brought in by his homeless friends. He wears a rather old and tattered Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt, a Ford trucks cap, old battered jeans, gray wool socks and sandals. He takes this bus quite often.

Three seats behind me is a rather young basketball player. He is African-American and despite his height, he is clearly young and has a baby face. He is wearing his high-school basketball team jacket and pants and a pair of Air Jordan shoes. He carries an NBA Spalding official, which he caresses like it was a newborn child. He is on his way to his neighborhood court to shoot some hoops on his own.

Way back on the last seats is a certified crazy woman. She has bulging blue eyes, careless blonde hair and her skin is marked with scars. She is carrying about five plastic bags full of old and torn clothes. She talks non-stop about Jesus, Judgement Day and a lot of other things nobody have a clue what it is.

Just in front of me there’s a hottie. She has rather dark and long hair, white complexion, deep green eyes, a sexy rose mouth and a small beautiful nose. She is clearly on his way to the gym. She wears a sports jacket that is open, so you can see that underneath she wears a pink Nike top and she is also wearing a Reebok legging that highlights her nice legs and wonderful ass. She is talking via whatsapp in her iphone and demonstrates by the way she looks that she knows how beautiful she is.

We stopped at City Hall. A rather old and hunched old woman comes in with the help from her son, grandson and a cane. Her hair is totally white, but despite her walking problems, her eyes radiate a happiness of someone who lived life gaiety.

Just behind them came two African-American girls. They are laughing their ass off out loud about a double date they had last week. The size and colors of their nails is rather impressive.

We get to the final stop. Everybody gets out and on with their lives.

Current playlist:

Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing and Other Stories

SubRosa – More Constant Than the Gods

Winery Dogs – s/t

Yes – Fly From Here

Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

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