Sweden Rock Festival – Rocker’s Disneyworld

Summer festivals are traditional in Europe. As most of the continent suffers with rigid winter, people anxiously wait for the summer to celebrate life, enjoy music and the great outdoors.

There are hundreds of festivals to choose from in every country of the continent, some huge, some tiny, some geared towards a more specific public, some broader in scope.

England was once the land of the greatest festivals, ever since the halcyon days of the Isle Of Wight Festival in the late-sixties to the unforgettable Castle Donington Mosters of Rock in the late eighties, early nineties. Donington still exists today under the name Download Festival. It’s still huge, but much less charming.

Germany is more Metal oriented, with Wacken, With Full Force, Summer Breeze and others. And there’s Roskilde in Denmark and Tuska in Finland. But none of this is better, funnier or has a broader scope of all things Rock than the Sweden Rock Festival.

It’s the only festival where you can witness Johnny Winter and Behemoth with a fifteen minutes intermission between the two and just a few yards away. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to have witness all kinds of great Rock bands: from Lana Lane to Anthrax, from Yes to Tygers of Pan Tang, from Meat Loaf to Sepultura, from Tank to 10cc. It does have something for everyone.

The festival exists since 1992 and I managed to go for the first time in 2003, mainly because it was the chance I had to catch Twisted Sister reunion tour. However, I loved the whole atmosphere of the festival. I had been to Wacken twice before that and although I enjoyed it, there was no comparison.

First, because SRF allows you to rest your ears for a while; I mean, as much as I do love Metal, three days of loud guitars, pounding drums and some dude screaming his lungs off for almost twelve hours is a little bit tiresome. In Sweden you can watch Napalm Death and then relax watching Reo Speedwagon.

But there’s also three other great things about SRF worth mentioning: first, it’s a family environment. There are a lot of little children and whole families enjoying the show in a stress free place. Second, the merchandising stands are worth fainting: CDs, vinyl, great and rare T-shirts and accessories. Third, the girls border on unbelievable. Jesus Christ, I repute Sweden to be the place with the greatest looking women I ever been to.

Therefore, it is like Disneyworld for a real rocker: a lot of fun, things to buy and absolutely no stress. Highly recommended.

Current playlist:


Headcat – Fool’s Paradise

Reo Speedwagon – Live From Moondance Jam


Boardwalk Empire – 1st season

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