Liverpool: The Promised Land

I don’t consider myself somebody of deep religious creed. I believe in God and in being a good person and that’s enough for me. I also believe in energies (both positive and negative) of places and people and I think that can rather influence our attitudes at some places and before some people.

Therefore, when the opportunity to go to the place where I have no doubt that the intervention of a greater force acted to allow four boys to change the world came up, I didn’t hesitate in embracing it.

Back to the religious topic, I imagine that what I felt walking through Liverpool streets is the same feeling that a devout catholic feels when walking through Jerusalem. The energy, the climate, everything remains very much alive on those streets; it seems that The Beatles are still there.

Visiting Liverpool is a whirlwind of emotions in each corner, starting by the basic: Matthew Street. This is where are located both new and old Cavern Club, besides many rather interesting pubs. However, true fans must go to The Grapes and drink Guiness or a Jack and Coke, preferably at the same table that the Fab Four used to seat. At the end of Mathew Street, try to resist the appeals of “A Hard Day’s Night” store.

Although The Beatles museum is also interesting and obviously a must see, the greatest thrills of Liverpool are reserved for the attractions spread out through the city like Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Eleanor Rigbys grave, the houses of each Beatle and the Woolton Parish Church hall.

Of course Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and the Eleanor Rigby grave cause single emotions, after all is almost like seeing become tangible all that you just imagined when reading (or listening to) the lyrics. It’s surreal.

But that’s not the pinnacle of emotion yet. The opportunity to get into the houses – especially John’s and Paul’s – nowadays declared as heritage by the city (it was the least they could do, right?) is an incentive to imagination stronger than any other. There’s no way not thinking of them still in the early days, making their first rehearsals, writing their first songs, without even imagining  they were about to become the most important human beings that ever walked the Earth.

And do you think it’s over? No, because in my humble opinion, the greatest thrill is to walk in the Woolton Parish Church hall. Going back to what I spoke about in the beginning; that was the place where I felt a different energy. It’s very strong the presence of something bigger than you in there. It’s a wonderful feeling, but hard to put into words. After all, that was the place where the fateful meeting took place. John met Paul and the world was never the same. If we consider the impact of the changes that happened after Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel and compared them to what occurred after The Beatles formed, we will conclude that the Woolton Parish hall is much more important than the work of the Italian master.

Liverpool is mandatory destination to any real Beatles fan. You already felt the emotion of listening to the songs; now go feel the emotion that helped creating them.

Current playlist:


The Art Of McCartney – The Songs Of Paul McCartney Sung By The World’s Greatest Artists

Queen – Live at Rainbow ’74 – Disc 01

Aerosmith – Get Your Wings

Blackfoot – Tomcatin’

Coheed and Cambria – No World For Tomorrow


Star Wars – Episode 01: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars – Episode 02: Attack Of The Clones

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