NFL Conference Finals


First of all, hello everybody! The blog is back from its holidays break and obviously eager to talk about the exciting next weekend in the NFL world.

However, I wanna start saluting Ohio State Buckeyes for the first National Championship title disputed in a playoff form in College Football. Kudos to coach Urban Meyer who managed to make total underdogs (they were ranked fourth among four participants) National champs. And the playoffs were a huge success, if you ask me, and I had the possibility to witness the atmosphere first hand while in New Orleans (more about that next week).

Anyway, after the introduction, let’s get down to business.

Last week was rather exciting: three wonderful games that were fought till last minute and a victory that only turned out to be easy in the third quarter. Of course, the latter was the Seahawks against the Panthers which was expected. And although the Colts also didn’t have that much trouble against the Broncos, they managed to pull off an upset against Payton Manning as visitors, so it was a big deal. The other two games were wrapped up in the controversy of Bill Belichick’s eligible receiver trick (which is legal by the rulebook, by the way) and of course, Dez Bryant’s catch. My guess is that not even the NFL knows exactly how to rule that. It is open to various interpretations but what caused all controversy was that the referees reversed the call on the field about something you can’t quite conclude no matter how you look at it. It would be open to criticisms either way. I personally think it was an incomplete pass. But the Packers deserved their victory. Dallas mismanaged the clock and couldn’t take advantage of a crippled Aaron Rodgers.

AFC final: Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

Everybody was thinking we would watch another Manning vs. Brady battle, but the Colts played a rather correct game in Denver and had Andrew Luck playing like the Hall Of Fame level player we all thought he will become. New England managed to overcome two 14 point disadvantages in the same game against a great Ravens defense. Tom Brady played like arguably best quarterback ever he might become and having Gronk healthy made all the difference. For Sunday game, even though the Colts will be in high-spirits due to their win, I don’t think they can handle the Patriots in Foxboro. Pats to the Super Bowl.

NFC final: Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

This one is much, much more tricky. I must confess that the Seahawks is my favorite team to watch (despite the fact they always beat my beloved Saints). I love Russell Wilson’s scrambles, their ruthless defense with Richard Sherman as safety and of course Marshall Lynch runs in Beast Mode. However, they are playing a very experienced team with players like Clay Matthews, Sam Shields and Julius Peppers on defense and Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy on offense. And of course it all comes down to how healthy Aaron Rodgers (recently named MVP) will be. As it is not a simple injury (it seems that he tore his calf), I don’t know how better than in the Cowboys game he can be. Even with that I’m predicting an instant classic on this one and a very tight game. But playing a playoff game at home, I’m picking the Seahawks.

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