Super Bowl XLIX: So hard to choose


Are you ready for some football? That was the chorus that dominated ESPN’s Monday Night Football opening theme sung by Hank Williams III. Afterwards he had a fall out with the network and he and the song were dropped. Anyway, the reason I started the post with it is that I do hope that you’re all ready for some football.

I mean, last year’s duel between those same Seahawks and the Broncos was primed to be a close game, but we and the Broncos offense were all shattered by the Seahawks defense. It was a rout nobody was expecting. This year we live the same expectation, but it will be an even greater surprise if we see another rout (either from the Pats or the Seahawks).

Therefore this year we are bound to have some serious contention about who will take the Lombardi home and my guess is that we gonna see some serious football played in Glendale.

First of all, it made me really happy that after so many wrong predictions in the Final Four, NBA Finals and World Series, I got the two finalists right. The Pats against the Colts were not rocket science, but I’m most glad that not only I was right about the Seahawks; I was right on the money that it would be a game for the ages. It was a monumental comeback, one with its story guaranteed in football history books.

Second, I’m not going to talk about “Deflategate” anymore. I read and listened to zillions of opinions about it and I couldn’t come up to a conclusion if it was a big deal or not. Therefore I decided that here at my blog I’m only talking about the game next Sunday. Whatever happened before it doesn’t matter.

As I said above everybody’s expectation is that this one should be a wonderful, tight game between teams that ended up with the best record in their respective conferences.

Another interesting thing is that we gonna see the last team to win back-to-back championships (Patriots) against the only team that have this chance over the last ten years! That should also contribute to a thrilling duel.

There’s so many things to keep both eyes open on this game is even hard to decide which to talk about. For example: will Tom Brady throw in the direction of Gronk if Richard Sherman is there? Will Gronk be able to receive passes in the slot? How New England will manage to stop Seattle running game with Marshall Lynch, assuming he will be on Beast Mode? Will Russell Wilson throw to any of his receivers if they happen to be where Darrelle Revis is? How the Seahawks will work if the Patriots decide to go to no huddle offense? As a matter of fact is impossible to answer those questions with 100% certainty.

And let’s not forget the coaches. As controversial as he is, Bill Belichick is regarded by many as one of the best (if not THE best) football coaches of all time. He will be up against another great (and one of the most intense) coach in Pete Carroll, who seemed to be loved by his players. They seemed to play for him.

All in all, after everything I wrote, I need to take a stand. In the end, who I think will be at the podium celebrating?  This one is really though. I can’t stress this enough and I wouldn’t bet a dime in any of the teams. But, just for the sake of choosing someone, I think Marshall Lynch can be a huge factor in the Patriots defense and Seahawks Legion of Boom can make Brady’s life a living hell. Seahawks 30, Patriots 27. It should be amazing to watch!

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