NBA Conference Finals


I know I wrote this before but I’m never tired of writing that I love this time of year. There are finals for two of the main American leagues and I admit I get overexcited about it.

Tonight we’ll start to know who will be in the NBA finals.

The Conference semifinals gave us some unforgettable moments (which is usual, but not in so many games in a row) and ended with logic in three series and a monumental comeback in the other.

Although I chose Chicago and Washington, Cleveland and Atlanta were not surprising winners. For a moment I thought Golden State could really lose, but Steve Kerr showed his competence and the team managed to finish the series on the road.

Now, how about the Clippers? This time they took the expression “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” to a whole new level. They were winning by 19 points coming into the last quarter of game 6 and managed to lose! At home! God knows how they did that. It’s similar to the game 6 of the World Series between the Cardinals and the Rangers in 2011. After that loss, it was obvious the Rockets would win game 7.

And sincerely, I’m very happy for Kevin McHale. He deserved it not only as a coach but as a father who suffered such tragic lost in 2011.

With no further delay, let’s TRY to predict the Conference Finals.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: It was well deserved that the Hawks were nicknamed “Spurs from the East” during the regular season. Not only their head-coach (Mike Budenholzer) is a former Pop’s assistant, they do remind San Antonio in the way they move the ball offensively. Al Horford is playing hard, Paul Millsap is playing good, they have Kyle Korver shooting from the outside and two great point-guards (Schröder and Teague) and DeMarre Carroll is also a great player. And they have home-court advantage. However, they’ll be facing LeBron James (maybe not the season MVP, but definitely the best player in the world today) and a great supporting cast: Kyrie Irving (maybe 90% recovered from his injury), Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov (taking care of the paint), J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert shooting lights out from outside and Matthew Dellavedova also coming in fine from the bench. This series reminds me a little of the Spurs-Heat finals from the last two years which had a team with a strong collective game (then Spurs, now Hawks) against a team with more talent (then Heat, now Cavs). But I think this Hawks team hasn’t got to the level of that Spurs team and this Cavs team is getting better with each game. Cleveland 4-2.

Western Conference

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets: This is a much anticipated showdown between the season MVP (Stephen Curry) and the runner-up (James Harden). But let’s not forget all the other players and the coaches. It might be a rather interesting battle between two great former players: Kevin Mchale (Rockets) and Steve Kerr (Warriors). The Rockets are coming into the series with a huge boost in their morale after coming back from 3-1 against and a 19 (!) point difference coming into the fourth quarter on game 6 playing on the road. And it seems that Dwight Howard is committed with the team. Jason Terry, Josh Smith, Trevor Ariza and Pablo Prigioni are also helping a lot. However, they lost the four games they played against the Warriors in the regular season. And if the “Splash” brothers remain playing the way they did in the last two games against the Grizzlies, they are almost impossible to guard. And they have a good help from Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, Andre Iguodala and their inside game is working with Andrew Bogut and a David Lee that seem to have risen from the ashes. This is one that should be wonderful to watch and rather hard to predict, but I’m going with the Warriors. Golden State 4-3.

I’m dying of anticipation and I can’t wait for tonight to come!

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