An Ancient Rhyme

It’s time to Saturn to exercise its alfridaria

With the help of magastromancy

Hearing the sounds of the googer catlings

And the croaks of fen-nightengales

Bezonter me !

That he suffers from boanthropy

He seemed only bosky or byspelt

And suffering from apanthropy

He’s like a sailor in a bout of calenture

Or a character from a canvas opera

The fact is that he is cowsing

In streets that are coldly faffering

He is a miserable clapper-dungeon

Who had his shares of flap-dragons

A character for goliardery

In colors of isabelline

Current playlist:


Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith (30th anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Alice Cooper – Raise the Dead Live From Wacken

The Art of McCartney – Paul McCartney Tribute


Where Eagles Dare

Taken 3

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