Hall Of Idols #39: Doro Pesch


Thirty-ninth installment in a series exploring very important people in my life.

Let me start explaining how this will work: I listed 65 idols of mine. Every Friday (with the exception of those reserved for the Rock Chain posts) I’ll draw one of the names (following a system that it’s really not important to be explained here) and talk about it.

Therefore, the order in which the names will appear doesn’t necessarily shows where they rank in my preference.

As a final introductory note, this is also not a biography article. I’ll just write how I feel about people represented in it, their talent and their importance in my life.

And what do you know? It took so long for one woman to enter the Hall of Idols and suddenly we got two in a row.

If our last inductee had to face the male dominated Rock world, what can we say about somebody who had to face the even more male dominated Metal world? And that’s exactly what German Metal Queen Doro Pesch did.

Dorothee Pesch was born in Düsseldorf, Germany June 03 1964 as an only child. She started playing piano and singing when she was 10 at the same time she was exposed to the Glam sounds of T.Rex, Slade and Sweet. At 16 she had life threatening tuberculosis and decided after recovering that she would dedicate her life to singing.

She started singing for a band called Snakebite with whom she recorded a 7-track demo and when they disbanded she formed Warlock.

Warlock’s first four albums (Burning the Witches, Hellbound, True as Steel and Triumph and Agony) are considered bona fide Heavy Metal classics, especially the last one which contained the single “All We Are” and the ballad “Für Immer”. Those two songs catapulted the album to reach Gold status in their native Germany and a respectful number 80 in the Billboard Top 200.

In 1986, Doro Pesch became the first woman to front a band on stage at the prestigious Monsters of Rock in Castle Donington, England.

And let’s make one thing clear: although she’s undeniably good-looking and rather hot, Doro’s success happened exclusively because her songs are very, very good, her voice has a lot of personality (nobody sounds like her) and she got great stage presence. She deserves all her accolades.

After the end of Warlock in 1988, Doro embarked on a solo career (which is basically Warlock, but she can’t use the name for legal reasons) and released and is still releasing very good music. Her debut album Force Majeure is pretty good as are Doro, Fight and Warrior Soul.

Doro cites as her main influences Janis Joplin (okay, nobody’s perfect), Ann Wilson (whom she called Goddess) and Jody Tuner (singer with British all female Rock band, Rock Goddess) among female singers. As for Metal singers in general, she’s a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford.

I can safely say that meeting and interviewing Doro in 2006 was the most thrilling moment of my life as a Rock Journalist. And she was the most down-to earth, nice and polite person you could ever meet. It was unforgettable and she signed all my Warlock CDs and DVDs with dedications. And she does that for all her fans!

All you from the most recent generation of Metal fans that like bands like Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Amaranthe, Arch Enemy, Nightwish and so many others, never forget this one thing: if there was no Doro, there was none of this.

Thankfully, Doro is still touring the world in great shape and let’s face it: she still looks rather good in those leather pants, doesn’t she?

She never got married or had kids (according to her, her fans are her family) and she’s 15 years older than me, but hey, I’m still available and I really don’t mind the age gap, LOL.

Thus, our honorable Metal Queen, Mrs. Doro Pesch, be welcome to the Hall of Idols, Für Immer.

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