NBA Finals


NBA players are as far as possible of lazy bastards, but, man, how tough it has been to wait a whole week for the finals to begin? Last weeks were so cool with games every day that now I’m feeling kind of passing through a withdrawal crisis.

Anyway, thanks God everything will start tomorrow as everybody is ready for some high level basketball playing.

The great thing about the finals this year is that we have a team that last conquered the title in 75 against a team that never conquered it and only got there once, in 2007. Those factors should add an extra spice to the mix.

From the Eastern conference we have the Cleveland Cavaliers who never won an NBA championship. Led by the best player in the planet today, LeBron James, they simply demolished the Atlanta Hawks in the conference finals with an emphatic sweep.

The Hawks had a wonderful collective game, but that was no match for an inspired LeBron James. Beside he had great help from his supporting cast of Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Delavedova, Thompson and Mozgov. Not even the absence of Kevin Love and an injured Kyrie Irving diminished the Cavs offensive power.

LeBron is reminding me of Kobe when Shaq left the Lakers. He not only took over the team, he was impossible to guard.

From the Western Conference we have the Golden State Warriors, who had a title when they were still called Philadelphia Warriors and had Wilt Chamberlain in its ranks and another in 75 (now with the Golden State moniker), the last time they’ve been to the finals. They are led by the Splash Brothers (NBA 2015 MVP, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) and despite a little hiccup on game 4, didn’t have much trouble to beat NBA 2015 MVP runner-up James Harden and the Houston Rockets.

Actually, the Rockets were no match for the Warriors speed and transition game. Add to that, Curry making almost impossible shots and also a great supporting cast: Barnes, Green, Iguodala, Livingston and Bogut played well. And even Festus Ezeli came out of nowhere to help the team.

And let’s give it to Steve Kerr: in his rookie year, he managed to build a team both competitive and wonderful to watch, who had the best record in the league to boot.

Therefore, Steve Kerr can be a factor in the final. He is used to the situation (as a player he was 5 times champion) and is clear that the players blindly believe in him. However, I don’t know if that’s enough to stop King James the way he’s playing.

Besides, the Warriors had some blackout moments against the Rockets and managed to come back every time, with the exception of game 4. They won’t have such luxury this time. If they blackout, the Cavs will make them pay.

Golden State can try and block the paint with Ezeli and Bogut, but they’ll be busy with Mozgov and Thompson. And the outside shooting of the Cavs is also great with Smith, Delavedova and Shumpert. And let’s not forget: all that while guarding LeBron.

Of course, Curry, Klay, Barnes and Green will also be a tough match to Cleveland but the Cavs are playing good defense lately and that will make things harder for the Warriors.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ll root for Golden State (I’m a big fan of Curry and Kerr) but my guess is that they are a young team who will have more chances at a title over the next few years. Cleveland 4-2.

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