NBA and NHL finals in review

I’m still rather sad because both NBA and NHL seasons are over, especially because both final series were so exciting. Okay, the MLB is in full throttle but let’s face it: as cool as baseball is anytime, we’re still two months from things starting to get as excited as the NBA and NHL final games.

Therefore, I decided to write my impressions about only the finals of both leagues.

I have really huge respect for ESPN’s NHL analyst Barry Melrose (and I actually thoroughly enjoy his comments) but I disagree with him about the Blackhawks. He says that we can’t call the current moment of the Chicago organization (3 titles in six years) of “Dynasty”. I think we can. It’s just another kind of “Dynasty”: the Dynasty of salary cap days. It’s really hard to keep your best players after they become free-agents therefore you need to be extremely accurate when deciding with which players you gonna have the longer deals with.

And the Blackhawks did just that. They still have five or six years of contract with players like Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews. That must allow them to be title contenders until at least 2021. I smell a “Dynasty” establishing itself.

Talking about the games per se, the Tampa Bay Lightning deserves a lot of credit. They put up a fight but Chicago was the best team and they were plagued by uncommon mistakes committed by Bishop, especially in that game 5 in Tampa. Add to that a spectacular performance by Duncan Keith in game 6 and you have the title with the Blackhawks. I chose the right team in my prediction but was wrong about the number of games. I thought it would be easier and went 4-1 Blackhawks.

In the NBA the thrilling was no less intense, what with one of the greatest individual performances of all time and probably THE greatest shooter of all time proving his worth.

If the Cavs were shorthanded without Varejão and Love, what to say about when Kyrie Irving went down? That left LeBron with a burden that not even him was able to carry but he managed to impress us all just the same with his unbelievable numbers. However, Steve Kerr’s assistant was brilliant in suggesting Iguodala to guard LeBron. That was instrumental in turning the series around; and kudos to Steve for accepting a suggestion from his assistant. Not many couches would do that.

And what about all that noise regarding Delavedova guarding Curry and keeping him out of game three? Curry was just short of confidence in that game. As soon as he regained his confidence, Delavadova was toasted. ESPN’s Tim Legler said after game three: “Curry only needs to go after Delavadova. He can’t guard him off the dribble.” And that’s exactly what happened. Add to that the aforementioned Iguodala and great performances by Thompson, Green and even Barbosa.

As I said, my guess is that we’re witnessing the birth of the greatest shooter that ever played the game, which means we’re history eyewitnesses. I suspected that, but this series made me sure. I know I chose the Cavs in six in my prediction (and I do think they would have a real shot if Irving hadn’t gone down), but even if Cleveland had won that wouldn’t take anything away from Curry’s talent.

As a final note, this series reminded me of those Jazz/Bulls series in 96-97 and 97-98. The Jazz were the collective team and the Bulls had Jordan. Granted, the Bulls had Pippen, but Jordan took over those series (the “Flu game” anyone?). LeBron tried to do the same here but he couldn’t. That goes to show how big Jordan is.

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