Lies people say

At home and away

Lies in my head

Driving me mad

Lies to the wife

Lies to the kids

Lies to the boss

Lies to you and to me

Lies in the air

Lies all around

Lies are a mess

A liar hellbound

Lies in the answers

Lies while asleep

Lies the motherfucker

With a promise to keep

Lies always with me

In heaven and hell

Which one is better ?

I don’t know I can’t tell

Lies of the heart

Lies of the mind

Lies of divinities

Inside of the shrine

Lies the politician

Or the joker in the street

Lies Mother Nature

Where the sea and sky meet

Lies the old wiseman

In the churchyard of misery

Holy lies tell the priest

As a schoolboy giddy

Lies made of gold

In a world gone astray

Lies are forever

Better kneel down and pray

Lies are forgiven

When you lie down in bed

Telling your last lies

Before you are dead

Be sure to check out my book “Straight And Lethal” winner of the NABE Pinnacle Awards 2014 Fall edition.

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