Moon as a Rocking Chair

Moon as a Rocking Chair

Just like a picture on an album frame,

I gaze at the sky, finding a flame,

The only place where the light is shining,

Is on the beautiful moon where love is hiding.

Alone I sit at the steps of my door,

Hoping to find what I’m looking for,

My heart is bleeding by lack of love,

The company I have is the moon from above.

Silence is golden once said the old song,

My eyes have gone blind, my tongue has gone dumb,

St. George is fighting to kill the fierce beast,

But the moon that I see is now covered by mist.

The cats are purring, the dogs are barking,

The sky is clear, there’s no sign of lightning,

I feel that God is right by my side,

And that’s why the moon shines with much might.

Flags of countries that with passion unfurl,

Hatred and greed are hurting the world,

People are fighting wars with no end,

Rockets of peace, on the moon they will land.

Diamonds can give you money to spend,

But a broken heart it’s not money that mends,

The sea is angry, we all need to hide,

But the moon, my friends, will reverse the tide.

It’s almost dawning and I can hear the birds,

The night is so short, it feels like a curse,

And when I die, to me it seems fair,

That I’ll use the moon, as a rocking chair.

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Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls


Breaking Bad – Seasons V and VI

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