World Series 2015

World Series

And then there were two. After a hard fought ALCS and a rout on the NLCS, Kansas City Royals and New York Mets are the last ones standing in the baseball season.

As I wrote in my first post about the playoffs, there’s something great about baseball in October. I love any sport played with balls (literally): football, basketball, hockey and soccer mostly, but I can safely say that in October none of those comes close to baseball. Baseball in October is the greatest sport in the world.

Okay, so I got the NLCS absolutely wrong because I based my assessment in the Back to the Future II prediction due to my undying love of the movie. But even if I had taken my humble baseball opinions in consideration, I might have chosen the Mets but I would never predict a swept. NY cruised past Chicago in every game. Of course, when you have Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Sydergaard at the mound and Familia closing things become much easier. I started to suspect we might have a sweep when the Cubs lost the game Arrieta pitched and I was right. Add to the starting pitchers a great postseason by Curtis Granderson and an unbelievable Daniel Murphy home-run hitting streak.

I got the ALCS winner right, despite the fact that I went Royals in seven, not in six. Anyway, it’s really hard to underestimate the heart of this Royals team. They never give up and they have a talent to manufacture runs rarely seen. They are the poster boys for modern small-ball. And my guess is that this Toronto team will be here for the long run. They also played great, but they relied too much on home-runs and this is risky when you face a team that manufactures runs and have a great bullpen. Correction: not a great bullpen, the best bullpen in the majors. And that was fatal. Toronto’s bullpen couldn’t match KC’s and that cost them the series. I even dare saying that if it was not for Cueto imploding right at the start of game 3, we could have watched another sweep. As a post-script: it broke my heart to see the Blue Jays lose because of Rush’s Geddy Lee was in the attendance at every game in Toronto.

Now, to the World Series: I don’t think it’s too much complex to analyze the showdown. It will be down to how long the starting pitchers will be able to hold both attacks. If Kansas City starting rotation manages to equal Mets starters performance, then I guess the Royals have a big chance, because their bullpen can guarantee them wins. If not, it is really hard to score against Harvey, deGrom and Sydergaard and KC will be in trouble. That’s the basic assessment. Of course, there’re the variables: what if Daniel Murphy keeps hitting the way he is? What if KC attack starts hitting home-runs? Nobody can answer those questions for sure, so we will be forced to watch the games! It will surely be fun and I can barely wait for tonight. It’s promising to be one of the greatest WS of all time, just like it was last year.

My pick: Royals in seven, but I’m absolutely not sure about it.

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