Friday, 13th

Tinkling the ivories

Of a grand piano

For a duet with Death

A great soprano


They shut the Light

Banshees came wailing

Through the eyes of the night

The reaper waiting


Elysian fields,

Harbinger of doom

The Left Bank screams

Cathedral of gloom


No pyramid’s smile

The glass was shattered

Dead bodies pile

Sacred Heart battered


A golden castle

And a garden of evil

Liberty rattled

Equality wiggled


Fraternity is raped

As the clarion calls

Mankind agape

Hundred lives fall


Tower of iron

Arch of stone

Behavior so vile

The World seem alone


Lost in the Seine

Ripples of blood

An inhuman scene

God cries from above


Current playlist:


Blackberry Smoke – Holding All the Roses

Frankie Miller – The Very Best of Frankie Miller

Motörhead – Bad Days


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The Delta Force

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