Annoying Devil

The marriage was doomed to failure. My God, they fought on their way to their wedding reception. How could anyone think this would work out? The only reasonable explanation was that they probably had the greatest sex any of them ever had. And the jury was still out on that as well.

They had nothing to with each other. Why they dated in the first place? He was goofy, happy and a little clumsy. She was somber, always unhappy and foul mouthed. She made him awkward and ill-at-ease many times in front of his friends, calling him unspeakable names. She even threw the proverbial S.O.B. in the mix sometimes.

Rumor had it she was in it for the money. After all, he was major partner in a law firm and had a huge income. She was only a receptionist in a dentist office. Through him, she envisioned a life of milk and honey and social status.

And he, poor creature, was just a man in love. And men in love do stupid things as marrying an annoying devil like her.

Of course it didn’t take too long for things to get out of control. The annoying devil started demanding money from him, to spend it in frivolities like hundreds of shoes. She spent so much in shoes it seemed that she wanted to rival Imelda Marcos.

He was loyal to her (as far as everybody knows), but he started to stay at work till late. Not to party or fuck someone else, just to stay away from her. Her demeanor was unbearable.

It all came to boiling point when they made one last attempt to rekindle the fire in their wedding, by making a two-week trip to Hawaii. The annoying devil made a point of taking her mother with them. That was the last straw. Not only there was no fire rekindled as the dying spark of passion was smothered.

You would think everything was bound to end with the two of them trapped in an overhead chandelier, waiting for it to fall and end their lives but luckily, he came to his senses, got divorced and sent the annoying devil away.

He is living in the same place while she works as a clerk in a local bank in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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