NFL Divisional Series


What a way to begin the postseason! I don’t wanna blow my own horn here, but I manage to get all 4 winners right in the Wild Card games. Okay, victories from Pittsburgh and Seattle came bizarrely, but they did pass through.

By the way, what happened in Seattle was unbelievable, but nothing comes close to what happened in Cincinnati. That was Twilight Zone Stuff. I mean, the game was over. I watched in disbelief as the Bengals imploded.

Anyway, emotions will be running high next week and I wanna talk about those games.


New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs: This game is better approached with caution. I mean, New England is great but you cannot overlook Kansas City winning streak and the fact that Tom Brady might not be 100% healthy. However, Sebastian Vollmer and Julian Edelman coming back are huge assets and the Chiefs will suffer without Jeremy Maclin. My opinion is that it will be a great game to watch and the Patriots will have to play well to succeed, but they will prevail in the end. Patriots 30-22.

Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: This one I labeled the “IF” game. If Big Ben recovers from his arm injury. IF Antonio Brown us clear from his concussion. IF Peyton Manning is 100%. However, we probably won’t know the answers to these questions until at least Thursday. Assuming that Big Ben will play but a little banged up, Antonio Brown will be 100% cleared and Peyton Manning is not 100% for sometime now (according to his own father), we will probably have a defense battle at Mile High. Pittsburgh’s defense was instrumental in their unreal victory against the Bengals and Broncos defense is great. However, there’s only so much you can do against even an injured Manning. Broncos 17-13.


Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks: I’ll just be very honest a say right at the bat that as a Saints fan I don’t have any sympathy for the Carolina Panthers. But denying that Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen, Ted Ginn, Jerricho Cotchery and Luke Kuechly played wonderful football would be ridiculous. In the regular season game in Seattle, Carolina played great and won in the final seconds. Now, they face a Seahawks in high spirits due to their last second victory against the Vikings, but probably with a much less than 100% Marshawn Lynch (if he plays at all). Pete Carroll is a great coach and will be attentive to all Carolina weapons. This one is tough. The fact that I really don’t want Carolina to win is clouding my judgment but let’s trust Russell Wilson. Seahawks 24-23.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers: That’s the game I’m looking forward the most. That’s the toughest to point a winner and the most balanced battle. Two weeks ago I’d have no doubt in saying that Arizona would trump Green Bay with certain ease, just like in regular season. However after the vintage Aaron Rodgers performance against the Redskins, I think things won’t be that simple. Granted, Rodgers performance was against a terrible Washington defense (as I have warned in my prediction for the game) but he played as the Hall of Fame level quarterback that he is and that’s relevant. The absence of Tyrann Mathieu can be a factor in the Arizona defense, but they still got Dwight Freeney playing like he was 10 years younger and Patrick Peterson in the secondary. In the offense, Larry Fitzgerald is always a threat and he has the company of Michael Floyd and tight end Troy Niklas. The running game has Andre Ellington and Stepfan Taylor. I hate betting against this Packers team, but I feel that overall the Cardinals are a better team. It should be fun and an offensive explosion. Cardinals 42-39.

Let’s see what happens and next Tuesday I’ll be here to try and predict the Conference Finals. This is the best weekend of the year!

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