New Orleans: Always magical


In my first post after putting my blog in action this year I wrote that, NFL playoffs allowing, I would post here something about my latest trip to New Orleans for the New Years’ first week.

Well, we know who is going to the Super Bowl and I’ll write the post with my analysis and prediction next week, so, for now, off to New Orleans again.

I’m never tired of saying how New Orleans is a special place. To my taste for what I like about a city, I still think Boston is my favorite place on Earth, but New Orleans is always magical.

No matter how many times I go there, I always find out something new to see, do and eat.

For example, the WWII museum, which is always a must see had just opened a new wing entitled “The Road to Tokyo”, chronicling the allied forces journey from the first battles in the Pacific to the inevitable and fateful atomic bomb dropping in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s wonderful and full of heart-wrenching moments, like videos of the Japanese atrocities in China. Also worth mentioning are a vase and what looks like a small fragrance glass that survived both atomic bombs.

And this time I finally did something a lot of people do when they go to New Orleans and I haven’t done any of the other eight times: I visited a plantation. And I must say I can’t recommend enough for anyone. It’s a great tour. Of course, you have a lot of options of plantation tours, but this one I made was a five hours tour counting from the moment the bus pick you up at 11:00 AM at the hotel and leaves you in the same place at 4:00PM. Taking some snacks is recommended. The bus driver is also your guide back and forth to the plantation (you have a guide there to the actual tour) and he has no shortage of information on everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, concerning New Orleans.

I visited Oak Alley plantation and as a huge Anne Rice fan was thrilled to know that the scene of Lestat riding a horse which appears on Interview with the Vampire (the movie) was shot there. As a matter of fact, the oaks you see behind me in the picture above are a wonderful oak corridor that leads you to the doors of the marvelous Antebellum mansion. The actual tour of the mansion is very informative and fun and you can also see a lot of how the slave quarters were.

And of course, whenever you talk about New Orleans, there’s food. This time I tasted a Bananas Foster cheesecake (one of the greatest desserts ever) on Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro, had the great pleasure of eating Port of Call’s burger again, tasted an oyster bisque (also for the first time), soft-shell crab at Deanie’s, ice cream and desserts on the recently opened (downtown) Sucré and went for the first time to the wonderful Italian restaurant Irene’s.

And besides all that, there are great used bookstores and good offering of some rare vinyl at the always reliable Louisiana Music Factory with its friendly attendants.

As a matter of fact I can’t see myself spending the New Year’s Eve and first week of January anywhere else in a near future.

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