Super Bowl 50: an overview

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, Super Bowl 50 champions. It was a battle between two great defenses and the Broncos came through on top thanks to an incredible performance by Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, and Damarcus Ware.

This Super Bowl score and the game itself were described by the great Chris Berman from ESPN as a “Super Bowl VII kind of game.” It was grinding, it was old-school and it was hard fought. And again the old principle proved to be true: offenses wins you games, defense wins you championships.

Yes, I know I said the Broncos defense wouldn’t be able to contain Cam Newton, but (again as a Saints fan) I was gladly proven wrong. The performance was dominant to such extent that even former Broncos linebacker and current ESPN analyst, Tom Jackson said he never thought it was possible to have a defensive performance like that in modern football.

And despite a rather quiet performance by Peyton Manning, it was fitting that he capped a brilliant career with a World Championship. He got to the Super Bowl and won it on the back of his defense, but he deserved one more title.

As for the Carolina Panthers, the loss doesn’t erase their brilliant record and I’m sure they’ll dominate the NFC South for the next few years, especially if the Saints, Falcons and Bucs keep doing things wrong.

However, Cam Newton was pathetic walking out of the press conference. He’s unhappy, he lost a Super Bowl got to as an MVP and his team was huge favorite, we get it. But a great leader and someone who aims to be a role model and an idol, wins with class and lose with class. Besides, he is cocky on the field (nothing wrong with that) and must accept the consequences of being like that when you lose. He behaved like a spoiled brat. But this is nothing that time and some good advice won’t improve.

Overall, the Super Bowl proved once again why football is probably the greatest sport in the world TODAY: the underdog won and deservedly so. It was a fitting end to a fantastic season that had unforgettable games and overtimes.

The sad thing: we’ll have to wait till September to star again.

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