Rock Chain #26: Metal Geddy


This is something I used to do in a magazine I used to edit a couple of years ago. I took the idea from a column that used to appear on Scientific American magazine written by a British scientist called James Burke. His column was called “Connections” and consisted in relating history and science facts that were linked by a word until the cycle was finished. I just adapted it to Rock And Roll. Now, I’ll try to resurrect it every first Friday of the month here in the blog.

Rush bass player Geddy Lee’s mother is a Holocaust survivor, just like Flóra Klein, the Hungarian-Jew mother of Kiss’ Gene Simmons.

Gene Simmons enticed Tommy Thayer work with Kiss, if he left his band, Black N’ Blue.

Black N’ Blue’s frontman Jaime St. James in the mid-2000’s sang for Warrant.

Warrant’s tour of his most successful album Cherry Pie had to be cut short after frontman Jani Lane broke some ribs stage-diving in Birmingham, UK. They were supporting David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth’s album A Little Ain’t Enough featured guitar phenomenon Jason Becker, coming from one solo album and one with his band Cacophony, along with future Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.

Marty Friedman’s first four solo albums were released by Shrapnel Records.

One of Shrapnel Records best-selling albums to date is Steeler’s self-titled debut, featuring Swedish guitar player Yngwie Malmsteen.

Yngwie Malmsteen left Steeler to playe on Alcatrazz debut album, No Parole from Rock n’ Roll with vocalist Graham Bonnet.

Graham Bonnet formed Alcatrazz after singing on the album Assault Attack by the Michael Schenker Group.

Michael Schenker Group’s current vocalist is Scotsman Doogie White who was the only singer actually tested to substitute Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden’s first contract with EMI was offered to a manager called Key Heybourne who refused. At the time, Key managed Angel Witch.

Angel Witch is one of the “lost” NWOBHM bands but managed to move to the US for some time even having Tom Hunting from Exodus in its line-up.

Exodus, as everybody knows, is the original band of guitarist Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

When Metallica was to record Master of Puppets, do you know who was their first choice to produce the album, but denied the invitation? Rush bass player, Geddy Lee.

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