NCAA Basketball Championship

A lot of things happened in my life that kind of hampered me to write about the NCAA tournament this year, namely my trip to Seattle, the Maiden concert, Passion Friday and the mandatory Rock Chain in the first day of the month. Therefore, I only had time to write about now, in the day of the very final game.

First of all, let me be honest and say that I would have probably picked Oklahoma beating Villanova. I would never expect Villanova to win, let alone trounce the Sooners the way they did. Kudos to Jay Wright, Ryan Acidiacono and Daniel Ochefu, but mainly to Josh Hart who dominated and took hold of the game in the first half, and made it impossible for Oklahoma to come back.

On the other side of the game tonight we have North Carolina. One of the most traditional basketball programs in the country, this one I would have got it right to pass by Syracuse – although I would be wrong betting against the Orange in the Elite 8 game against Virginia. Though the Tar-Heels had a little concentration problem in the end of the game, after a time-out they came back strong and finished the game smoothly.

The Tar Heels not only have one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time in Roy Williams, they also sport three of the best college players this season: seniors Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson and sophomore Justin Jackson. And the supporting cast is also strong: Berry II, Meeks and Hicks can also help a lot.

What I’m expecting (and hoping) most of all is the game to be close. I mean, the first two semifinals were surrounded by a lot of expectations and the winning teams just ran away with the victory. I want this to be a close and contested game.

I think the Tar-Heels are favorites but the Wildcats’ defense can turn this game into a hard-fought contest. And that’s what I hope to watch.

As for the possibilities of an upset… Well, who would have said that this same Villanova University would have beaten Georgetown with Patrick Ewing in 85? I don’t rule out another upset, but I think the Tar-Heels will take it.

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