NBA Conference Semis


As I’m still busy with my latest book, I think I’ll make only predictions from the Conference finals on when it comes to the NHL. For the NBA on the other hand I can make some for the Conference semis.

With the exception of the Blazers, I managed to get all the winners right in the first round. And the Blazers wouldn’t be one if CP3 and Blake Griffin hadn’t gone down.

And I got the Spurs in four and the Raptors in seven also right and would have gotten the Warriors in four if Curry hadn’t injured. The greatest surprise for me was the Hornets who managed to win 3 games against Miami. If they don’t lose any players, they might be a good team in a foreseeable future.

But let’s get down to business and predict the semis.

Eastern Conference   

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks : The Cavs cruised over the Pistons more easily than I thought. When LeBron, Love and Irving are playing like this and Shumpert, Thompson and Smith are helping it’s really hard to beat them. Atlanta has a good team, although if Bradley hadn’t got hurt, they would have played a game 7 against the Celtics. For them to have any chance Horford, Teague, Korver and Bazemore will have to play like never before in their lives. I don’t see that happening. Cavaliers 4-1.

Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat: I knew the Raptors would have a tough time dealing with the Pacers with a healthy Paul George. Besides their difficulty to close a final game was clear yesterday. They’ll be facing the Heat with a seeming resurrected Dwayne Wade and Hassan Whiteside dominating the board. If Joe Johnson becomes the player he was in Brooklyn and Deng and Dragic remain playing well, they have a real shot at this, but I think Toronto is an all-around better team, so they’ll suffer but I think they’ll win. Raptors 4-3.

Western Conference

San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: During the regular season, both teams won their games at home. However, if my memory serves me right, in the last game the Spurs almost won in OKC without Tim Duncan, who is playing great, and that says a lot. Given how the Thunder was routed in the first game, unless Durant and Westbrook both have Michal Jordan-level performances in all games, I don’t think they have a shot. And I swear to God this is not my Spurs supporter side talking. Spurs 4-1.

Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trailblazers: I love the city of Portland and I managed to watch a Blazers game at the current Moda Center when it was still called Rose Garden the last time I’ve been there. Besides, “Straight and Lethal” my first book won an award in Oregon, which gives me all the reasons to like the Blazers. But, honestly, if their chances were slim even without Curry, if he comes back from game 3 on they are non-existent. Warriors 4-0.

The fun continues tonight. I’m counting the minutes.

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