NBA Conference Finals

Eastern Conference Finals

Western Conference Finals

Tonight starts the battles to see who will play in the 2015-2016 NBA finals. However, first let’s see how the conference semifinals went.

I thought Atlanta could at least win one game at home, but the way the Cavs shoot three pointers made it impossible for them. When Irving, Love and King James play like this, it’s really though.

The only score I got absolutely right was the Heat/Raptors series. Dwayne Wade did what he could but in the end the Raptors were a better team.

If Stephen Curry hadn’t hurt his knee, I would have probably got the Warriors/ Blazers series perfectly too. It’s amazing how Curry is playing. But kudos to a grinding Blazers team who made it really hard for them. Terry Stotts is definitely one of the best coaches in the league.

The greatest surprise was obviously the Spurs/Thunder series, especially after what happened in game 1. However, KD and Westbrook played like they did in 2012 and Tim Duncan unfortunately showed signs that time does passes for everyone. Steven Adams and Ibaka ruled the paint and the Spurs couldn’t hit that much from outside.

Now, let’s analyze and guess what will happen in the Finals.

Eastern Conference:  

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors:  The Raptors are tired. It was a hard fought battle against the Heat and they managed to pass on the backs of a great game seven by Kyle Lowry. However, they’ll have to face not only a better team, a team that is dying to get back to the finals, with a superstar that sees the possibility of winning a title for his home-state as a life mission and they are rested. Even if DeRozan plays like he did in the regular season (something he didn’t do against the Heat) I don’t think they can’t handle Cleveland the way they are playing for four games. Maybe for one. Cleveland 4-1.

Western Conference:

Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder:  Let’s not kid ourselves here: everybody was expecting to see a great matchup between the Spurs and the Warriors (the two teams with the best home record in the league) deciding the West. However, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had other ideas. And now, what? KD and Westbrook will have to play even better to get through this Golden State team. Adams can guard Bogut in the paint and Ibaka can guard Green and/or Thompson, but can even Westbrook or Durant actually guard Curry? I don’t think so. And there’s the bench. Iguodala, Barbosa and especially Livingston are better than all bench options on the Thunder side. I won’t underestimate the hunger in this OKC team, but hunger can only get you so far. Golden State 4-2.

Now, let’s sit, back, relax, grab a cold one and enjoy the games.

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