Rock Chain # 28: Backing Vocals


Every great Queen fan knows that although John Deacon appears lip-synching in many videos, he never actually sang a note in the studio. The voices were always by Freddie, Roger and Brian. There are some moments however, like the “Is this the real life?” intro in “Bohemian Rhapsody” that are all Freddie.

Freddie Mercury was the greatest star in Live Aid in ’85 in a bill that had Paul McCartney closing the festivities in London.

Paul McCartney is thankfully touring the world again and reinventing his set list again. He’s been opening the sets with “A Hard Day’s Night”.

“A Hard Day’s Night” is a phrase that doesn’t actually mean anything and it was said by Ringo when he tried to describe the frantic pace of that particular American Tour.

Ringo is also touring regularly with what he calls his All-Starr-Band.

The All-Starr-Band was a concept created by David Fishof.

David Fishof is the founder of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp whose upcoming edition will feature Don Felder of The Eagles and Paul Stanley of Kiss.

Paul Stanley recently recorded an amazing version of Free’s “Fire and Water” for a covers album of his former Kiss bandmate, Ace Frehley.

One of Ace Frehley’s most famous songs while he was in Kiss was also a cover. “New York Groove”, originally written for the band Hello! by songwriter Russ Ballard.

Russ Ballard also wrote “Since You’ve Been Gone” for Rainbow.

Rainbow’s name has nothing to do with an actual Rainbow or some lyric Dio would surely write. It was chosen because of Rainbow Bar & Grill in LA.

Rainbow Bar & Grill, of course, was Lemmy’s favorite joint.

Lemmy’s name is now bizarrely linked to David Bowie’s due to the proximity of their deaths.

David Bowie wrote “All The Young Dudes” and gave it to Mott the Hoople because the band was struggling and he wanted them to succeed, as he was such a fan. It worked. The song reached the Number 3 spot on the British charts.

And do you know who sing backing vocals in it? Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and Brain May.

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