For slaying the dragon and saving the queen

For waking me up after a horrible dream

For giving me water when I’m feeling thirst

For loving me more than anyone on this Earth

For holding me close and wiping my tears

For giving me a shoulder to cry all those years

For rolling with me in a barn full of hay

For being a shrine when I wanted to pray

For lighting a fire when I’m feeling cold

For picking up pieces making me feeling whole

For believing in glory and success to the max

For giving me kisses and passion and sex

For standing alone in the rain and the snow

For being the hit of such a long time ago

For finding me diamonds among solid rocks

For going straight forward pulling out all the stops

For playing guitar on an empty stage

For getting me out of a godforsaken place

For fueling the rocket that that flies into space

For making me happy when I see your face

For angels that come from Heaven above

For unknown mysteries solved with love

For lyrics and pictures bathed in lust

For outlaws and criminals biting the dust

For the magic created by a wizard’s wand

For the courage of rebels at their final stand

For skies ripped by a rainbow so bright

For seas reflecting the pale moonlight

For the joy of a life lived in full

For the sound of harmonicas playing the blues

For keeping my faith that Rock and Roll is true

For that and much more I sincerely thank you.


Current playlist:


Firehouse – s/t

Voivod – Angel Rat

Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home


House of Cards – Forth Season (DVD)


Cry to Heaven – Anne Rice

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three – Stephen King

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