There are so many variations to this weird thing called life…


When the wave rocks the boat,

And the boat swings,

When the crooner sings a song,

And the audience dreams.


When the king rules the land,

And his subjects bow,

When a rose turns to red,

And the nightingale cows.


When clouds scud across the sky,

And the sun appears,

When newborn babies cry,

And the mother hears.


When the pitcher throws a ball,

And the hitter misses,

When a priest puts on a ring,

And the faithful kisses.


When the band plays loud,

And the crowd reacts,

When the rooster crows,

And the tiger attacks.


When the church is empty,

And the hunchback tolls the bell,

When Icarus flies,

And Lucifer goes to hell.


When the wise man tells a story,

And the hobo struggles,

When the angel flaps his wings,

And the jester juggles.


When pirates sail the sea,

And Jolly Rogers unfurl,

When the music box plays,

And the ballerina twirls.


When an eagle fly away,

And a rainbow shines so bright,

When your love leaves home,

And disappear into the night.


Current playlist:


Annie Haslam – Annie in Wonderland

Megadeth – Dystopia

Anthrax – For All Kings


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