World Series 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, hold on tight because one of the most epic episodes in the history of all sports is about to begin. It will probably be one of those things that people will remember forever. Like, in 2112, (Rush nod totally intended) there will be talks of: “Man, can you imagine what it was like to be alive in 2016 and have witnessed the World Series?”

You couldn’t have scripted something like that. What are the odds? I mean, if it had happened in a movie everybody would say: “Right, right, it’s the movies.”

But the fact is that it happened in real life and now we are on the verge of what it promises to be one of the greatest World Series ever. It’s actually hard to fathom, I have to keep pinching myself but tonight a team that hasn’t won baseball’s greatest honor in 68 years, will face another that hasn’t in 108.

I can only imagine how fans in both Cleveland and Chicago are right now. I bet people didn’t sleep, can barely work or pay attention to anything else. Hell, I’m a Red Sox fan and I can barely wait!

Anyway, let’s stop fooling around saying how great it will be and try to predict what might happen.

Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

Yes, I was miserably wrong about the Cleveland /Toronto series. I didn’t think the Indians could pull it off and they did it with a bang. I mean what a work Allen, Bauer, Kluber, Miller and Tomlin are doing, not to mention that they will have Salazar back. And there’s the offense with Lindor, Napoli and Crisp hitting very well. They are a rather tight team right now and have a manager that knows what it is to be in a World Series with a team that doesn’t win in a long time.

As for the Cubs, I almost got it right. I never thought Kershaw would be so miserable in game 6. That said, with a rotation that includes Hendricks, Lester and Arrieta with support from Montgomery and Chapman, and a team of young guys that don’t seem at all bothered by the draught, Chicago emerges a heavy favorites in the World Series. Joe Maddon may be a little eccentric but there are few people in the league that knows baseball the way he does and the hitters are also on fire. All in all, the Cubs seemed poised to win the title that has eluded them for more than a century.

This is a mere guess, but I think it will be Chicago 4-2.

The countdown has begun.

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