World Series 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, hold on tight because one of the most epic episodes in the history of all sports is about to begin. It will probably be one of those things that people will remember forever. Like, in 2112, (Rush nod totally intended) there will be talks of: “Man, can you imagine what it was like to be alive in 2016 and have witnessed the World Series?”

You couldn’t have scripted something like that. What are the odds? I mean, if it had happened in a movie everybody would say: “Right, right, it’s the movies.”

But the fact is that it happened in real life and now we are on the verge of what it promises to be one of the greatest World Series ever. It’s actually hard to fathom, I have to keep pinching myself but tonight a team that hasn’t won baseball’s greatest honor in 68 years, will face another that hasn’t in 108.

I can only imagine how fans in both Cleveland and Chicago are right now. I bet people didn’t sleep, can barely work or pay attention to anything else. Hell, I’m a Red Sox fan and I can barely wait!

Anyway, let’s stop fooling around saying how great it will be and try to predict what might happen.

Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

Yes, I was miserably wrong about the Cleveland /Toronto series. I didn’t think the Indians could pull it off and they did it with a bang. I mean what a work Allen, Bauer, Kluber, Miller and Tomlin are doing, not to mention that they will have Salazar back. And there’s the offense with Lindor, Napoli and Crisp hitting very well. They are a rather tight team right now and have a manager that knows what it is to be in a World Series with a team that doesn’t win in a long time.

As for the Cubs, I almost got it right. I never thought Kershaw would be so miserable in game 6. That said, with a rotation that includes Hendricks, Lester and Arrieta with support from Montgomery and Chapman, and a team of young guys that don’t seem at all bothered by the draught, Chicago emerges a heavy favorites in the World Series. Joe Maddon may be a little eccentric but there are few people in the league that knows baseball the way he does and the hitters are also on fire. All in all, the Cubs seemed poised to win the title that has eluded them for more than a century.

This is a mere guess, but I think it will be Chicago 4-2.

The countdown has begun.

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MLB Championship Series


I couldn’t make predictions for the Wild Card games and the Divisional series due to a lot of work, but I’m not letting the American League and National League finals start without having my take on it.

The greatest thing about this year’s baseball finals is that every team involved doesn’t win a World Series in a long time. The Dodgers won last time in 88, the Blue Jays in 93, the Indians in 48 and, of course, the Cubs in 1908! Therefore, emotions will run high on both series.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks.

ALCS: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Cleveland Indians

I was positive the Blue Jays would get trounced by the Rangers, but not only they won, they swept the series. With Russel Martin, Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and Edwin Encarnacion the Jays have a good attack and a solid defense, which also has Kevin Pillar. And the pitching is good, specially Marcus Stroman. On the other side, to my total chagrin, the Indians also swept my beloved Red Sox (when your only good pitcher plays as bad as Porcello did, you can’t expect to win in the Postseason) and are very confident. Andrew Miller is playing well despite his age and Kipnis, Lindor and Napoli are hitting well. However, let’s remember: they played against a team with SERIOUS pitching issues in ALDS. I really wanted to see a World Series between the Indians and the Cubs (it would be historic) but I think the Blue Jays will pass. Toronto 4-2.

NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs.

Buckle up everybody, this one promises to be EPIC. Two of the most traditional franchises in baseball and the Cubs with their best team in years. Chicago never had a greater chance of stopping their 108 years draught. If Chicago indeed breaks their curse that would skyrocket Theo Epstein -Young Theo, as he was known in Boston – profile to unimaginable heights. I mean he would be the man behind ending both Red Sox and Cubs draughts. It’s not something to overlook. However, they will face a rather driven and tight team (as their great victory against the Nationals showed last night). How about a potential pitching battle between Kershaw and Arrieta? And also the hitting battle: Turner, Utley, Pederson and Reddick are playing great and Adrian Gonzales can show up now and again for the Dodgers. Bryant, Rizzo, Zobrist and Heyward are also playing great and Russel and Almora Jr. can show up for the Cubs. It’s one of the most anticipated series ever and I’m really looking forward to it, but I think the better pitching staff (aside Arrieta, Hendricks, Strop, Wood and a closer like Chapman) will prevail in the end. Chicago 4-3.

It all starts tonight and I can barely wait!

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